How to Come up With Craft Projects for Kid’s Groups

Are you a child minder or an after school club looking for craft projects suitable for kids groups? Maybe you feel like you are just not the creative type, and you find the thought of coming up with ideas for craft projects rather daunting. Some people just have a knack for finding or even inventing craft ideas, but your creativity can be improved. There are ways to make it easier to find craft projects suitable for kids needs.

First, forget about perfectionism, and remember the golden rule, kids just want to get stuck in, enjoy the activity and achieve quick results. Regardless of the kids group you are dealing with, there are always many suitable craft projects and ideas out there. If you’ve taken into consideration the age and skill levels of the kids involved, your choice should be adequate.
An aspect of creativity that the non-creative types don’t realize is that ideas spring from other ideas. For instance you could spend hours looking over books of craft projects, only to find that none of those particular ideas appeal to you, but if you let them, they will spark an idea for a similar project.

When choosing a craft project for kids groups, you need to be aware that some of the ready made kits can be expensive. Pre-packaged kits to make collage pictures or a fun foam picture frame are affordable for small groups of kids, but if you are planning a craft session with lots of kids, these ready made kits will cost too much.

The solution is easy, to do almost exactly the same project take note of the craft kit contents and buy the same materials in bulk at the local discount store.

With this option you may have to do more preparation, like cutting out shapes ahead of time, or at least making cardboard patterns for the kids to use in cutting out their own shapes, but the savings will be well worth the effort.

Alternatively make one of your sessions into a fun craft preparation class, where you would split the kids into groups, and give each group a different preparation task. of collecting different required materials, drawing their own shapes etc for the following craft project making session. Remember, with kids groups it does not have to be perfect, use what you have and create the remainder.

If the craft seems a little girly, then it won’t work well in boys groups. Stick with kite making, mask making, and similar projects. Girls will like beads, sequins and anything that’s pink or purple. For a craft idea for kids groups with kids of both sexes, keep it on the boyish side and provide some pink materials to keep the girls happy.

For instance, if you’re making Indian feathered head dresses, let the girls decorate their feathers with sequins and glitter, or tissue paper flowers for the headband part.

A final suggestion is to realize that craft projects are all about having fun, so choose a craft idea, let the imagination run riot, and let the kids get creating.

Hi, my name is Veronica,

over the past 30 years my various jobs, studies and areas of personal interest have taken me into the worlds of many different Craft projects.

I have recently decided that I would like to share some of my knowledge and expertise with people who are interested in crafting.